About Eburr

Do you have a new product or a start-up you want to get off the ground ?

Eburr is here to help your business get found on the Internet.

Eburr is a full service agency established in Lawrenceville, Atlanta in 2014. It is known for its creative advertising strategies, successful branding, and digital marketing. The company launched in Dubai in July by Rabbit Creation and then in 2016 in Lebanon. As our firm grew, so did our media landscape and expertise. We first started by selling reseller agencies and continued expanding. We are one of the very few creative agencies in Middle East that provide a full suite of solutions. You can consider us to be an advertising, branding, digital, and media agency all in one. We provide you with everything you need such as a logo, corporate identity, domain, web server, website, social media pages, animation solutions among other aspects. We study each case and we choose for you the right strategy based on your budget and the industry.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the reference of trendy services and be recognized as leading providers of marketing and digital solutions. This includes being the most prominent in the Middle East. We want to bring our clients more than just profit, even though this is our main goal. We want to establish long last relationships with all our different clients and assist them to be successful in their industries and businesses.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an online presence for companies, as it's the first marketing tool in our days. For some of our clients, this can mean a simple website, whereas other projects need a complicated growth phase followed by ongoing strategy and marketing efforts. Effectively building online presence is essential to every company.

Our Values

  • Loyalty // Efficiency // Commitment // Employee Satisfaction // Customer Service

Some Of Our Clients

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